Why Employee Assessments

Assessments should be an integral part of every business, from pre-hire through retirement, because human capital is your most significant investment! Managers need to understand and address “people challenges” before they impact business operations. When hiring, use of traditional methods alone is risky business….why?

  • 95 of 100 applicants will “exaggerate” to get a job during the interview
  • More than half of all job candidates misrepresent their qualifications in their resumes
  • Most hiring decisions are made in haste – within the first five minutes of the interview.  
  • Two out of three hires will disappoint you in the first year.  

Every hiring decision is an important one, and it should not be done by interview and resume alone. See beneath the surface to better understand the potential of your job candidates by utilizing assessment tools before making your hiring decision! It’s just plain, good business sense!
Assessments are also an important tool for making more effective use of your human capital.  

  • Assessments give information that managers can use to coach, motivate and manage people more effectively
  • Assessments help companies find untapped talent within their organizations
  • Assessments help reduce a company’s “people problems”
  • Assessments help companies achieve better employee cooperation
  • Assessments help managers become more effective because 60% of their time is spent dealing with “people problems” leaving only 40% of their time for working to achieve company goals.

Use assessments to reveal information about your staff to more successfully manage performance. People are most productive when their work matches their thinking style, occupational interests and behavioral traits. Teams and departments function better when their leaders have information about team member strengths. Further, factors that negatively affect productivity, such as stress, tension and conflict, are significantly reduced when assessments are used. Make good people decisions based on real information. Assess your current employees to better match work groups and properly evaluate and coach employees to higher performance!